New Book Reveals The Profitable Secrets of “The Green Rush”

Dear Investors: John Persinos here. I’m the editorial director of Investing Daily. Have you been waiting for the right moment to invest in the marijuana “green rush,” but don’t know when (or where) to start? I have good news. Your wait is over.

Several major bills are pending in Congress to legalize marijuana on the federal level. And when that happens…the marijuana industry will explode on the upside. Cannabis is on the cusp of becoming a $230 billion juggernaut.

Cannabis prohibition is no longer sustainable. Banning marijuana in the 2020s makes as much sense as prohibiting alcohol in the 1920s.

Marijuana remains federally prohibited, and yet the United States is home to the largest number of marijuana users in the world. According to the latest estimates from New Frontier Data, more than 45 million Americans use cannabis each year.

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The culture war over marijuana is about to be settled, once and for all…in marijuana’s favor. Don’t leave money on the table. You need to invest in the mainstreaming of marijuana, LSD, “magic mushrooms,” and a slew of substances that are disrupting medicine and daily life.

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