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Frequently Asked Questions

While you are new to Investing Daily’s Aggressive Trader please read through these FAQs before posting questions in the Stock Talk forum. If you have a question about getting started, you can be sure that many others have had the same question before you.

How do I log into the Aggressive Trader website?

For general account questions and login instructions, and to control the messages you receive from Investing Daily, see Managing Your AT Account.

How do I contact Investing Daily to manage my Aggressive Trader account?

For general account questions and login instructions, and to control the messages you receive from Investing Daily, see Managing Your AT Account.

Why is my Leeb subscription now being managed by Investing Daily?

Leeb Group has teamed up with Investing Daily. The merger gives Dr. Stephen Leeb and other Aggressive Trader analysts access to more resources and more brain power so that we can deliver better stock market advice and higher-quality service than ever before.

How will my experience be different now?

You will continue to receive the same excellent editorial content and astute stock market advice from Aggressive Trader and other Leeb publications, but the service will be better than ever. You will now have the opportunity to interact with Dr. Leeb and other experts on the Investing Daily Stock Talk discussion forum. You will also have a chance to sign up for discount memberships to Investing Daily’s other excellent publications.

How will I be notified about Aggressive Trader trades?

As soon as Dr. Leeb posts a recommendation or an update Investing Daily will let you know by email (see Managing Your AT Account), so that you can take action as soon as possible. We’ll then continue to follow up on all open trades with detailed information on a regular basis.

Can I use my current brokerage account to trade with Aggressive Trader?

To trade Aggressive Trader stock recommendations, you’ll need only a standard brokerage account. If you haven’t already opened a brokerage account, review the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s advice, and then start researching potential brokers using websites such as Investopedia and Barron’s. (At Investing Daily, we’re not affiliated with any brokers.)

To trade Aggressive Trader options, you’ll additionally need to be cleared for options trading even if you have a standard brokerage account. See also How do I choose an options broker? How do I get approved to trade options? below.

I’m new to options trading. What do I need to know?

To start off on the right foot, read Investing Daily’s Introduction to Options.

How do I choose an options broker? How do I get approved to trade options?

If you don’t currently have a broker, please see Comparing Options Trading Brokers: Which One is Right for You? for a list of some brokers that are highly rated by Barron’s Magazine. (We at Investing Daily receive no compensation for recommending any of these brokers and simply offer this tool to help our new members get started.)  Here are a few tips to help you answer the authorization questions:

Investment Objective

Your best chance for a high trading level authorization is if you put down “speculation” as one of your objectives. Selling put credit spreads at an appropriate position size is no more speculative than buying shares of stock, but brokers seem to think all option trades are speculative, so you will want to state “speculative” for the sake of your broker’s policy guidelines, not because you actually intend to trade speculatively.

Trading Strategies

The more strategies you check off, the better your chances of getting full authorization. Feel free to check off all of the strategies listed even if you don’t initially plan on trading all of them.

Trading Experience 

Don’t be shy when answering this question, but honesty is the best policy. The more years you say you’ve been trading stock and options, the higher your trading level authorization will be.

Net Worth

Higher is better, but again honesty is always the best policy.

I only got approved for Level 1 or 2, but I want to trade spreads. What do I do?

You’ll be able to place most of the Aggressive Trader trades with just a Level 2 clearance. If you want a higher level, for example to trade spreads, several of the trading platforms allow you to do “paper trades” as a way to practice options trading using fake money.

Paper trading is a great way to increase your trading experience (and confidence!) so that you can reapply for a higher trading level than you were initially granted.

Read more about paper trading here.

How do I communicate with Stephen Leeb and other Aggressive Trader members?

As much as we would like to talk to each one of you individually, federal regulations prohibit subscription companies like Investing Daily from giving personalized investing advice – that’s something a licensed financial planner or stockbroker would do.

At Aggressive Trader, the best way to communicate with Dr. Leeb and your fellow AT members is through the Stock Talk forum. This is where experienced and novice members come together to learn from each other and help each other out. You’ll see recent forum posts in the right column of this website. You’ll see recent forum posts in the right column of this website.

A Stock Talk posting form appears at the bottom of all website alerts and articles. If you have a question or comment pertaining to one particular alert, please post your question at the bottom of that alert or article.

If you have a question about trading in general, the answer can probably be found by searching using the white Search bar in the website’s upper right. If you don’t find your answer, the Forum lets you begin a discussion about a particular topic or join ongoing discussions.

Please be sure to read all of these “Frequently Asked Questions” before posting any questions. Many of the questions that novice traders have are already answered here in the FAQs.