Three New Trading Buys in STI Medical Profits Portfolio

[from today’s edition of Smart Tech 50 Weekly Movers]

We are adding three new trading opportunities to the STI Medical Profits Portfolio, as follows:

Invacare (IVC): Invacare makes hospital beds, electric wheelchairs and related devices. The stock looks poised for a breakout. It fails to make the EBIS cut based on its lack of profits and having more debt than current assets. It is, however, the type of stock that can rise when the market decides to buy everything related to a particular sector. It also has a knack for growing its revenues. Buy IVC up to $21; sell stop at $17.

Bio-Rad Labs (BIO):  Bio-Rad is a former EBIS stock which got caught in the early fall selling spree.   The stock has formed a lengthy base and is showing signs of joining the current biotech sector rally. We currently like it based on its technical activity. Buy BIO up to $146; sell stop at $138.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals (VRTX): Vertex makes a leading cystic fibrosis drug and has steady revenues. Unfortunately it still has more debt than assets so it doesn’t make the EBIS cut. It is a good momentum stock when it gets going, though. And it looks as if it’s ready to join the current biotech rally. Buy VRTX up to $138; sell stop at $128.

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Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce

Our fundamental thesis for buying Argos (and the other two companies mentioned in that special report) remains unchanged, as this scenario will take several months to unfold. The next critical date will be in a couple of months when Argos releases interim results of its current test, and then six months after that when final results are announced. But since this is a small-cap stock trading on thin volume, it will be quite volatile at times. This is not a “widow & orphans” type of stock, and should only be bought as a long term speculation. Thank you.

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