Trade Alert: SPY, NG, GBRRF, TMQ, SLB

Sell Schlumberger (SLB), NovaGold (NG), Gabriel Resources (GBRRF), and Trilogy Metals (TMQ).

Sell SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) June 220 put option.

Going forward, our publication will focus exclusively on making option trades based on our indicators. Thus, although we are long-term bulls on gold, copper, and oil, holding stocks for the long run isn’t in line with this sharpened focus and today we remove them from our Aggressive Trader portfolio. We will continue to follow them in our sister publications such as The Complete Investor and Real World Investing.

Likewise, although we think it prudent to hedge against a potential major decline in the stock market, our stock indicator currently isn’t bearish enough to initiate a short position on the market. We contemplated rolling over the  SPY June 220 put option into a longer-dated option, but in light of our renewed focus, we will instead simply close the position as the expiration date is approaching.

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