Trade Alert: Sell to Close GLD Call, Roll Over FNV Call

Sell to close the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) March 15, 2019 $116 call option.

Roll over the Franco-Nevada (FNV) January 18, 2019 $75 call option into the FNV January 17, 2020 $75 call. Pay no more than $5.30 on the January 2020 call.  

I recommend taking the gain in the GLD call at this time.

In addition, I recommend rolling over the FNV call into a longer-dated call option. I think the stock price could break triple digits next year, in which case the trade would be a very profitable one.

For record-keeping purposes, the loss from the first FNV trade will be added to the cost basis of the new trade. The overall return from the two trades will be counted as one.

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