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Alternative Energy Stocks

Alternative energy stocks are grabbing more of the limelight. And there’s good reason for that. Environmental concerns such as global warming have continued to grow in recent years. Alternative energy is the only solution that offers a means of generating power with minimal environmental impact.

Although some alternative energy technologies will never account for more than a few percent of the U.S. electric grid, they could see annualized growth of more than 20 percent for at least the next decade. The trick to playing alternative energy stocks is to avoid the hype and identify the companies that are executing on their vision.

Scroll down for the complete Alternative Energy Stocks archive of all our in-depth green energy sector analyses and top picks in renewable energy stocks. For more recommendations on the brightest rising stars in this sector check out our free report on the top green energy companies to consider for your portfolio.

Weekly Energy News Roundup: Fossil Fuel Bans, Oil Demand Growth, and Hurricane Update

China may be the next country to ban vehicles that run on fossil fuels, even as their oil demand growth more than doubles from a year ago.

Tesla Shares Surge Following Its Largest Loss Ever

Electric car maker Tesla reported a record loss and cash burn of over $1 billion last quarter. That wasn't enough to prevent the share price from surging following the earnings release. 

Perseverance Pays Off With SolarEdge

SolarEdge put me in a deep hole in 2016, but 2017 brought a full recovery -- and then finally a profit. 

Electric Vehicles Aren’t Slowing Oil Demand

There were a couple of major announcements on electric vehicles over the past few days. I was invited on TV to address them. 

First Half Energy Sector Score Card

The first half is in the books. While oil and gas companies got hit pretty hard, the solar sector turned in a stellar performance. 

A Record Year For Renewables

Spending on renewables fell in 2016, but it was still a record year for new capacity additions.

How Policy Decisions Are Impacting Renewables

President Trump's policies haven't favored the renewable energy industry, but solar power is doing well nevertheless. 

Another YieldCo Bites the Dust?

This high yielder's sponsors want out.

One Word: Lithium

When it comes to energy storage, this light metal is a heavyweight.

Our Favorite Vulture Investor

Brookfield knows when to circle its prey.

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