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David Dittman is no longer with Investing Daily. 

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To get them--at least as far as utilities and dividend-paying Canadian and Australian stocks are concerned--you have to ask questions at our monthly online chat session. Read More

The timing of Linn Energy LLC's (NSDQ: LINE) and affiliate LinnCo's (NSDQ: LNCO) announcement of an SEC investigation of hedge-related accounting practices and a proposed merger with Berry Petroleum Co (NYSE: BRY) and the publication of our advice on the MLP have left subscribers confused and frustrated. We understand, and we apologize. Read More

Interest rates have spiked, but from historically low levels. And there's still no real sign of actual inflation. Nevertheless, investors are selling off dividend-paying stocks as if underlying fundamentals had eroded completely. Read More

Canada's performance in the aftermath of the Great Recession was certainly impressive relative to most of the rest of the world. But it was not the product of supernatural agency. The Great White North's ability to survive and thrive was based on long-term policy choices. Read More