Elliott H. Gue

Analyst Articles

The energy sector was a hotbed for mergers and acquisitions in 2011. Exploration and production companies were involved in $105 billion worth of deals last year, while pipeline companies were targeted in $59 billion worth of transactions. With companies able to access capital at attractive rates, expect deal flow to remain strong in 2012. Here are The Energy Strategist's top takeover plays for the coming year. Read More

The announcement of a secondary offering prompted a knee-jerk selloff in shares of this Growth Portfolio favorite. Take advantage of this temporary pullback to buy this stock at a discount. Read More

With the ongoing EU sovereign-debt crisis conjuring painful memories of the 2008-09 financial crisis for many investors, bigger-picture concerns drove global equity markets in 2011. A surge in market volatility and the increased correlation between stocks reflect the primacy of macro developments over stock-specific news and catalysts. Volatility is the… Read More

Since The Energy Strategist launched in 2005, the first issue of the new year traditionally has looked forward to what investors should expect in the coming year. My annual outlook focuses on five areas: the global economy, US equities, oil prices, coal prices and natural gas prices. These forecasts aren't carved in stone: New developments in the economy, stock market and energy markets require an outlook and investment strategy that change with the times. Read More