Elliott H. Gue

Analyst Articles

Congress averted a government shutdown in a rare moment of bipartisan action. But US politics will continue to exert an outsized influence on markets in 2012. Here’s how to protect yourself from uncertainty in Washington. Read More

The cybersecurity outfit generates steady cash flow and offers exposure to several key growth trends, a winning combination in a market where defense is sometimes the best offense. Read More

Shares of coal mining companies have sold off indiscriminately amid concerns that a global economic downturn will sap demand from Chinese steel producers. But Asian demand remains robust and supports a long-term bull market for coal. Read More

Rule, Brittania! The UK’s refusal to adopt the euro has proven wise. Meanwhile, Greece and Italy lurch toward adopting measures that will calm markets and begin the gradual process of sovereign-debt reduction. Read More

The European sovereign-debt crisis is far from over, but the Continent is lurching toward a solution. Meanwhile, don’t buy into the negativity over today’s US jobs data, the underlying statistics paint a brighter picture. Read More