Igor Greenwald

Igor Greenwald is chief investment strategist of Breakthrough Technology Profits and Income Millionaire.

Igor served as a financial columnist and has also worked as a newspaper editor, foreign correspondent and online producer. He was born in Ukraine, educated at Georgetown University and lives in Massachusetts.

Analyst Articles

I’ve just returned from the annual investing conference sponsored by the MLP industry group, the National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships. Despite the rate scare rocking the markets this week, the mood at the event, which was notably larger than last year’s, was unequivocally bullish, and I came away confident… Read More

Four years ago, at the tail end of The Great Recession, anyone brave enough to foresee $100 a barrel crude would likely have picked energy stocks as big winners. Yet here we are and here they are, garnering cautious investor interest as perennial laggards. The S&P 500 is… Read More

The push for liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports from US shores has often been compared to a gold rush, and like a mining boom of yore it seems to have stirred up a fair bit of speculation.Speculation tends to spring up around good, easily understood stories. And, short… Read More

In this issue:  Unwieldy empires can be very costly, as Chesapeake’s long-suffering shareholders are still learning. But the hiring of a young and well-regarded outsider as CEO and recent purchases by a top value investor give us the confidence to bet on a successful turnaround. In contrast, the… Read More