Igor Greenwald

Igor Greenwald is chief investment strategist of Breakthrough Technology Profits and Income Millionaire.

Igor served as a financial columnist and has also worked as a newspaper editor, foreign correspondent and online producer. He was born in Ukraine, educated at Georgetown University and lives in Massachusetts.

Analyst Articles

I’m very fond of Marathon Petroleum (NYSE: MPC), having written about, and profited from, the stock since the low $30s and made it my first pick for The Energy Strategist at a fortuitously timed $72, after which it quickly ran up above $90. The inevitable cold shower… Read More

A coup ousting the architect of a sprawling multinational empire would not normally be welcomed by shareholders. But Occidental (NYSE: OXY) is different in that the coup was actually a counter-coup and in the fact that many investors have had enough of the empire’s burdens.The man they ousted… Read More

We don’t see many earnings windfalls like this. When EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) reported first-quarter operating earnings of $1.80 a share last week, it beat analysts’ consensus estimate by 62 cents, and 52 percent.And there was no gimmick involved, unless you want to count as the gimmick the… Read More

In this issue:  Despite the recent leveling-off of the production from the Bakken, the tight-oil formation’s long-term potential remains barely tapped, according to the government’s new geological survey. We examine the region’s most promising producers, all of which are already in our portfolios. Meanwhile, one of the… Read More

Another month, another bad review for Linn Energy (Nasdaq: LINE) from Barron’s, which has just published an update on allegations of accounting derring-do that thoroughly failed to impress the market in February. The thrust now as then was that Linn’s overvalued, its rollup strategy doomed and its performance disappointing. The… Read More