Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce is the Chief Investment Strategist of Personal Finance, our flagship publication, and serves as Director of the Investing Daily Wealth Society. He is also the Director of Research at Investing Daily, overseeing the work of our entire analyst team. He began his career as a stockbroker in 1983 and over the years has managed client investment portfolios for major banks, brokerage firms and investment advisors. Jim has a BA in Business Management from The College of William & Mary, and a CFP from the College for Financial Planning.

Analyst Articles

You gotta hand it to Warren Buffett.  It seems like everything he touches turns to gold, even when the facts suggest otherwise. During the last two weeks of November, shares of his publicly traded holding company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A), jumped more than 7% in value. That’s a nice gain, especially… Read More

One week does not prove anything, but if it keeps up through December then a lot of investors may revert to emphasizing profits over sales when valuing stocks in 2018. Read More