Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce is the Chief Investment Strategist of Personal Finance, our flagship publication, and serves as Director of the Investing Daily Wealth Society. He is also the Director of Research at Investing Daily, overseeing the work of our entire analyst team. He began his career as a stockbroker in 1983 and over the years has managed client investment portfolios for major banks, brokerage firms and investment advisors. Jim has a BA in Business Management from The College of William & Mary, and a CFP from the College for Financial Planning.

Analyst Articles

The stock market’s powerful rise over the past five years has created trillions of dollars of new wealth, at least on paper. From the start of 2013 thru end of 2017, the S&P 500 index increased 83% while the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 index gained 133%. Some individual stocks did considerably… Read More

TRADE INSTRUCTIONS Date: March 7, 2018 Name: Pretium Resources Symbol: PVG (NYSE) Type: Open Limit: Buy below $7.50 TRADE TARGETS Holding Period: 5 months Target Return: 46.7% Annualized Return: 112% Target Price: $11 Stop Loss Level: $6 COMPANY DESCRIPTION Pretium Resources Inc. acquires, explores for, and develops precious metal resource properties… Read More

Yesterday, I discussed the income dilemma that many retirees are facing in this low interest rate environment. Do they put their money into low-yielding government bonds knowing that they may outlive their money, or put it into higher-yielding investments with an unknown future value? As obvious as it sounds, one… Read More

For all those investors out there still holding onto to shares of overvalued momentum stocks, it’s time to get serious about how much downside risk you’re willing to take, and how much cash flow you will need from your investments to make ends meet. Read More

Nope, I’m not talking about Elvis Presley. Despite what you might have heard in Men in Black, he’s not from another planet and he’s not coming back. What I’m talking about is cash (not Johnny, either), as in the old saying “cash is king.” Ever since the Fed pushed interest… Read More

As the Wealth Society Director for Investing Daily, it is my duty to ensure that we are doing everything we can for you to get the most out of your membership. One way we’ve done that in the past is hosting an annual Investing Summit, which allowed you to interact… Read More

Last week, Xerox and Fujifilm announced they are merging the two companies later this year. That may not seem like a big deal now, but it might when rising interest rates forced analysts to recalculate the value of momentum stocks. Read More

A few days ago, a co-worker dropped a letter on my desk he received from the financial services division of luxury automobile manufacturer. Since he owns one, they figured he might be willing to allow them to use his cash to lend to new car buyers. They’re willing to pay… Read More