John Lounsbury

Analyst Articles

Many analysts thought Facebook’s initial public offering would be one of the most successful ever. Now it appears to be among the worst, with possibly more downside to come. For Facebook’s investors, the nightmare is only beginning. Read More

Relationships between three major US stock indices since the market low in March 2009 may be breaking down. Here are the indicators to monitor and a plan of action, so you won’t get caught holding the bag. Read More

Treasuries have enjoyed a bull market for over 10 years, but the ride hasn’t been smooth. What’s a conservative investor to do? Here, we demonstrate that the extreme volatility of bonds is greatly dampened when they are included in a portfolio with other investments. Read More

Gold has been a relatively poor performer since the stock market’s low over three years ago. Nonetheless, here’s why gold belongs in many portfolios, especially as a hedge against downturns. Read More