John Persinos
John Persinos is managing editor of Personal Finance, Utility Forecaster, and Radical Wealth Alliance. He also writes the Mind Over Markets daily stock market recap.
John has decades of experience in the technology and political realms. He's spent decades following emerging business and technology developments. From his time at Inc. and Venture magazines, to sharing breaking market news to millions of readers across Kiplinger's, Street Authority, Investing Answers, and, if it's impacted investors in the past 30 years, John was there analyzing the news and interpreting the meaning for his readers. John also has experience with the inner-workings of Capitol Hill, serving as a press secretary to U.S. Rep. Byron Dorgan. 
John holds undergraduate and graduate degrees from Boston University. He also completed the Davenport Fellowship in Business and Economics Reporting at the University of Missouri (Columbia).

Analyst Articles

During the tumultuous 1960s, the influential futurist Marshall McLuhan predicted that technology would transform human society into a “global village” of instantaneous communication that transcended national boundaries. McLuhan would recognize today’s online world. Just as the printing press of the early Renaissance empowered individuals, the Internet is giving voice to… Read More

In the cold morning light of November 9, the assumption on Wall Street was that Donald Trump’s fossil-fuel friendly policies would decimate the solar industry. Trump’s appointment of oil company executives to key government positions underscored that impression. Accordingly, investors punished solar stocks and rewarded the oil and gas sector. Read More