Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson is Chief Investment Strategist for Pacific Wealth. He spent 27 years as an investment banker, and was also the U.S. Treasury advisor in Croatia, where he  later worked for Croatia's largest bank, Privredna Bank Zagreb, setting up their corporate finance division, and doing many mergers and acquisitions, and private equity deals.

Later he worked as business editor at UPI, writing a weekly column “The Bear's Lair,” that still survives, and spent eight years as correspondent for Reuters BreakingViews. He then took that knowledge of investment banking and markets and ran two investment newsletter services for Money Map Press.

Analyst Articles

The International Monetary Fund has included the Chinese renminbi in the Special Drawing Right, with a weighting that’s the third largest after the dollar and the euro, but ahead of the yen and sterling. A PriceWaterhouseCoopers projection, which is quite conservative about future growth rates, puts China’s 2050 GDP at… Read More

Company news among our holdings warranting our attention this month:AGL Energy Ltd (OTC: AGLNF) our Australian gas  and renewable energy producer has sold the Macarthur Wind Farm for million $373 million, its book value, reducing leverage. The company is again a BUY, trading just below… Read More