Philip Springer

Philip Springer is an analyst with Investing Daily. He has provided authoritative leadership and guidance on investments and portfolio management for more than 30 years, as both an investment advisor and newsletter editor. 

Phil also is president of Retirement Wealth Management, Inc. (, a 15-year-old, fee-only investment advisory firm with clients across the nation.

He previously served as the editor of three investment advisory publications. His newsletters have earned numerous industry citations for editorial excellence, including two for Best Financial Advisory from the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Foundation, most recently in 2011.

Phil believes that managing money for people who depend on their life's savings for financial security has given him the best possible experience to provide successful investment guidance. In other words, it's all about you, the markets and real results.

His investment approach is simple and focused: Watch the big picture, stick with quality and diversify.

With his father's help, Phil started investing at age 14, using his earnings from delivering newspapers. His first two investments were winners: A.S. Beck Shoes and Narragansett Capital, a small business investment company. Inevitably, he was hooked, despite later learning that investing isn't always as easy as it sometimes seems.

With a B.A. degree in history and completely self-taught in the world of finance, Phil has learned that financial markets are constantly surprising yet often repeat themselves.

A popular speaker at investment conferences and on investment cruises, Phil has been interviewed on CNBC and CNN. He has written articles for or been quoted in many national publications, including Business Week, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

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