Roger Conrad

Analyst Articles

This month's Best Buy selections have come off recent highs and now represent significant value. Both reported solid fourth-quarter and full-year results, and both are poised for long-term growth. Read More

Our analysis of stocks begins with fundamental factors that speak to a company's ability to support and grow dividends. But there are certain other criteria that help explain short- and medium-term price movements. Read More

The analyst community is circumspect on one of this month's Best Buys. The unit price of the other, meanwhile, has been held back because of skepticism about the broader tanker industry. We can scoop them up and lock in attractive yields on solid businesses. Read More

It seems like only yesterday taht MLP Profits Portfolio Holdings finished reporting fourth-quarter and full-year 2012 numbers. But earnings season for the first quarter of 2013 gets underway later this month. Here's what to look for from our Holdings. Read More