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 Solar stocks have been red-hot of late, but don’t let the rally blind you to their poor long-term track record. It’s an industry that remains dependent on the favor of fickle governments even as the technology improves. But one consistently profitable survivor certainly bears watching.

Meanwhile, things are finally looking up at long last for long-buried coal mining stocks, as unprofitable mines get shut and US utilities switch back from costlier natural gas to coal. We’re adding an MLP that aced the slump and combines bright growth prospects with a solid yield to our Growth Portfolio.

US crude prices cooled off noticeably this week despite another big drawdown in inventories, reinforcing one refiner’s hopeful outlook.

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Grumpy Mike

Michael Sessions

Second %$@#^& request! The last one was ignored. Sure hope this one won’t be.
Who, what and where can one get “The Energy Letter” (archive, currect and future) issues, you keep referreing to”?
Sure would appreciatre the simple courtesy of a comlete and speedy reply considering the princely sum we are paying for the “complete” coverage by Wealth Society.
Michael Sessions

Jim Pearce

Jim Pearce


The Energy Letter can be found under the Articles tab at the tab of the page (in the blue bar). When scroll over the word Articles a drop-down box will appear, then click on The Energy Letter to read those articles. I apologize you did not get a response to your original request.


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