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Our first issue of Smart Tech Investor will arrive on December 16th, including the lead article on “The One Tech Stock to Own in 2014” to help you get started on building out your tech portfolio.  Each issue of STI will be posted on the third Monday of each month, and our weekly update will be posted every Monday that is not an STI issue date so you will always have access to our most current info.

Our methodology for evaluating tech stocks is truly unique, so we suggest you familiarize yourself with it by reading our Special Report under the ‘Resources’ tab if you haven’t already.  Then, take a look under the ‘Portfolios’ tab at the Smart Tech 50 table of stocks that we cover for our current ratings.  Finally, our Q&A series from earlier this year can be found as an ‘In Bried’ article if you’d like to learn more about how this publication came to be.

Also, we encourage you to communicate your thoughts and concerns to us via the ‘Stock Talk’ feature below each article.  If you have a question about our methodology, or want an opinion on a stock we don’t cover in our table, then please let us know.  The tech world has always been a collaborative community, and we look forward to sharing our thoughts on it with you in the years to come. 


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