Roadrunner Stocks Is Now Growth Stock Strategist

It’s been a pleasure to research and advise you on small-cap value and momentum stocks for the past few years, but I’m now handing the reins to my colleague, Linda McDonough.

You’ll recognize Linda’s name from some stories she’s written for Roadrunner issues over the past year. She’s a Chartered Financial Analyst and former hedge fund analyst who’s been helping me out as my time commitment to my two options trading services (Options for Income and Velocity Trader) has become all-consuming.

I’m happy you’ll be in such capable hands now. Linda will explain her investing methodology as well as her latest picks in this first issue of Growth Stock Strategist.

We will continue to track all open Roadrunner trades for the rest of 2016. We may close some positions during the year, and we’ll give you our final advice in December. And you’ll be happy to know that five of my current picks will become members of Linda’s Growth Stock Strategist Portfolio.

Thanks again for joining me these past few months or years. If you’re not already a member of one of my options trading services, I’d love to have you give them a risk-free try. I do a lot of hand-holding for new options traders. Just click the links above or contact my customer service team at 800-
832-2330 or

Please enjoy your first issue of Growth Stock Strategist and be sure to leave a comment on Stock Talk to let us know what you think.

Many happy returns,

Jim Fink

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