The Scariest Word in the Investing Dictionary

How do you scare the dickens out of the average investor?

Here’s a hint…

You don’t talk about the Fed, or topics like negative interest rates.

And you definitely don’t need to predict an imminent market crash.

No. You talk about something much more frightening.

You talk about trading options.

Time and time again, I come across investors who are scared to death of anything related to options.

If you’re like them, you may have thought about trading options before. But ultimately you concluded they were too risky… or too complicated.

I get that, because I used to think the same thing.

But I’d like you to stay with me for just one minute, while I tell you about my friend Roger.

He had no prior experience, and didn’t start trading options until after he retired!

And he’s doing great!

In fact, Roger was one of the first to subscribe to my Options for Income trading service, which I launched with Investing Daily back in April 2011.

 I’ve gotten to know him quite well over the years.

He tells me he’s made enough money to never worry about paying the bills… dining at the restaurants he wants to… fixing up the house… paying for his granddaughter’s college education… or helping out his older kids when they hit a rough patch.

There are a lot of stories just like his from people who follow along with my Options for Income trading service.

Most of them had never traded options before. And many have pulled in six figures a year doing it.

In fact, so many of my Options for Income subscribers have written me to tell me they’ve collected over $100,000 that I’ve started a “$100,000 Club.”

These people are NOT investing geniuses. They’re regular Joes who were willing to take a chance and try a new way of investing.

One that Forbes says is “like finding money in the street.” And that Barron’s says is “too often ignored by investors.”

They’re making this kind of cash – steady payments each month – by trading the step-by-step options recommendations I send them.

Like my recommendation from earlier this year on Ross Stores (Nasdaq: ROST).

On Thursday morning when we released that trade, subscribers had the opportunity to pocket $1,300 in income right away.

And with a new recommendation each week, it doesn’t take long for the income to pile up. 

In fact, I’m releasing another recommendation tomorrow morning, and I’d love for you to be there.

For some people, it could be worth as much as $750 in immediate income. For other, it could be worth more than $3,000! 

Thousands of investors – many of them scared of options at one point – have completely altered their financial life by embracing options. I’m confident you can do the exact same thing.

And as you’ll learn right here, I’m so confident I’m willing to guarantee your success!

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