How to Make Big Money from Natural Patterns

From the spiral swirls of seashells and galaxies to the pulsating flow of highway traffic and the human bloodstream, we’re surrounded by natural patterns every day.

Why are we talking about this?

You see, markets have their own patterns and cycles too, and we’re following a natural tendency in the markets right now that almost no one pays attention to. We’ll show you how to use that knowledge to turn even the tiniest (but highly predictable) moves into annualized gains of 100%, 200%, or more.

Patterns spontaneously appear in a multitude of shapes and sizes, in plants, animals, and the natural world. They animate physics, mathematics and chemistry.











These patterns arise for many reasons: natural selection, the laws of physics, chemical reactions, or mathematical equations that govern how patterns can physically form.

Underlying the beauty that we perceive in patterns are the efficiencies of nature.

For example: spirals are highly efficient ways of storing and transferring heat; stripes can provide camouflage for an animal against predators; and so on.

By studying patterns in nature, you gain a better appreciation of how everything is interconnected, from invisible atoms to the vast intergalactic reaches of outer space.

We’re surrounded by a kaleidoscope of patterns, such as birds flocking in the sky, waves crashing on the beach, or spiders weaving webs.

The audio world is rich in repeated, predictable patterns that all serve specific functions: complex songs by which birds mark their territory; spoken language for communication; great symphonies that lift the spirit.

Psychologists pinpoint and explain for us the patterns in individual human behavior or in families and societies. Even the way you think follows certain predictable patterns, based on singular experience, brain structure, and primal “templates.”

The Patterns of Investing

All of which begs the question: Why shouldn’t markets follow patterns, just like the natural world?

The fact is, they do. Certain “cyclical” industries move up and down in highly predictable ways, depending on the stages of the economic cycle.

Some companies tend to outperform during certain times of the year, or in the wake of seasonal events. The permutations are almost limitless.

Just as you can find spirals on the beach or in the night sky, you can find natural patterns in the markets.

That’s why we’ve developed one investment method that looks at patterns and, like a “code breaker,” leverages these patterns for outsized gains that repeat over and over again with consistency.

With this investment method, you can make money with the predictability and assurance of a calendar appointment with your dentist.

It uses seasonal and behavioral patterns that have consistently appeared time and again in the past and applies them to the future. That way, you can mark your calendar when these moneymaking patterns are likely to appear.

In fact, we’re following one seasonal pattern right now that’s setting up an immediate income opportunity any investor can follow. To learn how, click here.


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Perfect S&P Chart Formation Spotted

Recently, a highly profitable pattern showed up in a group of popular S&P 500 stocks that you might own.

When this same pattern appeared before, it generated fast gains of:

  • 35% on the S&P 500 Index
  • 100% on Yahoo!
  • 117% on American Express
  • 122% on American International Group
  • 163% on Apple

…all in a single month!

That’s because every time these patterns occur they send out signals that allow you to pinpoint stock movements BEFORE they happen.

And when you combine that advanced knowledge with my easy-to-execute trading system, it gives you the stunning ability to amplify normal stock movements as much as 10X!

The best part? My system has just pinpointed three new opportunities.

To learn more, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this video.

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