Aggressive Trader Joins Forces with Systematic Wealth

As Investing Daily’s Director of Research, I am constantly looking for ways to help our subscribers get the most out of our investing expertise. That’s why we expanded our offerings last year by adding several publications managed by Dr. Stephen Leeb, including his very successful trading service Aggressive Trader.

I also serve as the Chief Investment Strategist for Systematic Wealth, which is similar in many respects to Aggressive Trader. After reviewing our complementary strategies for generating short-term trading profits, it only made sense to me to combine these two services so subscribers to both publications can benefit from our combined trading expertise.

Beginning today, as a paid subscriber to Aggressive Trader you will have unrestricted access to the Systematic Wealth websiteGoing forward, Dr. Leeb will publish all of his trade alerts on the Systematic Wealth website. You will also be able to access the Aggressive Trader website for the next ninety days to review past articles and alerts. For those of you following Steve’s “3-Pots” system for managing your portfolio, he will continue to reference it in his trading advice for Systematic Wealth.

Dr. Leeb and I agree that the global economy is at an inflection point, which will have profound implications for the stock, bond and commodity markets in the months and years to come. Our goal is to help you profit from these opportunities by zeroing in on companies, industries, and geographies that have become temporarily mispriced as the markets adapt to a new world order.

You do not need to do anything at this time to benefit from the merging of these services. However, if you have any questions about it you can post them to the Stock Talk feature beneath this article, or contact our customer service team for hands-on assistance.

To Your Wealth,

Jim Pearce

Director of Research, Investing Daily

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