An MLP Review — and How To Look Under the Hood

Energy investing pundits spend much of their energy focusing on commodity prices, which indeed are important when assessing the investment potential of an energy company investment. But in this issue, we focus on two other factors that are often overlooked.

In the first article, we discuss the tax advantages of Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), which allow investors to rake in outsized income while deferring taxes for as long as they hold the units. We also update you on three of our favorite MLPs and give you our current advice.

And in our second article, chief investment officer Robert Rapier shares the secrets of his trade as an expert evaluator of energy technologies. Especially in the rapidly changing renewables subsector, understanding new technologies is the name of the game.

In This Issue

The Stories

1. Why Master Limited Partnerships are key to any energy investor’s portfolio — and a closer look at three of our MLP portfolio holdings. See “Mastering MLPs.”

2. Technical due diligence involves more than a cursory kick of the tires. We go deep into the weeds of this essential investment tool. See “Technical Due Diligence for Investors.”

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