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In the last issue of The Energy Strategist, chief investment officer Robert Rapier shared the secrets of his trade as an expert evaluator of energy technologies — a key differential when investing in emerging energy companies. In Part 2 of that article, Robert provides a detailed case study of one company’s technology.

We also update you on Petrobras’ recent woes, with a change in our advice on the company. And we provide updates on two of our MLP portfolio holdings.

In This Issue

The Stories

1. A case study of how to evaluate a company’s energy technology in “Technical Due Diligence for Investors, Part Two.”

2. The Brazilian powerhouse may remain one of the most exciting oil producers over the next decade, but its majority owner gives us pause. See “The Petrobras Fiasco.”

3. We continue our look at master limited partnerships (MLPs) with updates on two holdings. See “MLP Review, Part Two.”


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