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Jim Fink

Best Dividend Stocks for Big Profits

Think dividends are boring? Think again.

7 Rules of Investing for Huge Profits

Jim Fink critiques James Montier's list of investment principles. For the most part, they're right on the money.

What’s Next for Yext

Jim Fink walks you through his very compelling case for owning Yext using video screen capture.

A High Short Interest Ratio is a Red Flag Warning

Short sellers on average are some of the smartest investors, so investors that buy heavily-shorted stocks are assuming additional risk. After thoroughly analyzing the stock's business prospects, traders can buy puts if they agree with the short sellers' pessimism and buy calls if they disagree.

How to Pick Industry Sectors: Economic Cycle or Calendar Seasonality?

Successful investing requires both a bottom-up and top-down approach. Identifying different stages of the economic cycle is not easy and a calendar-based seasonality approach is more precise and effective.

Buy Alert: Yext

Simply put, YEXT is the new! CRM appreciated more than 11-fold between 2008 and 2018 and these executives want to repeat the Salesforce success story at YEXT.

Buy Small-Cap Stocks and Profit as they Become Large-Caps

To generate big returns, go small. The best performing stocks typically start out as small-capitalization stocks. Small-cap stocks in general have outperformed the market over time.

How to Trade Volatility and Make Money with Limited Risk

The only way to make money with volatility ETFs is to bet against them using options. By using options, you can be an anti-fragile and convex investor, which is the most successful type of investor.

How Two Small Volatility ETFs Triggered a Stock Market Correction

Volatility exchange-traded products, especially XIV and SVXY, were the primary cause of the recent stock-market correction that dropped stocks more than 10%.  

Blockchain Yes, Bitcoin No: What is the Best Blockchain Stock Pure Play?

Blockchain is more exciting than bitcoin, but finding an investable opportunity in blockchain right now is more difficult than many investors understand.

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