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Jim Fink

Buy Alert: Yext

Simply put, YEXT is the new! CRM appreciated more than 11-fold between 2008 and 2018 and these executives want to repeat the Salesforce success story at YEXT.

Buy Small-Cap Stocks and Profit as they Become Large-Caps

To generate big returns, go small. The best performing stocks typically start out as small-capitalization stocks. Small-cap stocks in general have outperformed the market over time.

How to Trade Volatility and Make Money with Limited Risk

The only way to make money with volatility ETFs is to bet against them using options. By using options, you can be an anti-fragile and convex investor, which is the most successful type of investor.

How Two Small Volatility ETFs Triggered a Stock Market Correction

Volatility exchange-traded products, especially XIV and SVXY, were the primary cause of the recent stock-market correction that dropped stocks more than 10%.  

Blockchain Yes, Bitcoin No: What is the Best Blockchain Stock Pure Play?

Blockchain is more exciting than bitcoin, but finding an investable opportunity in blockchain right now is more difficult than many investors understand.

Japanese Candlestick Whodunit: Bearish Engulfing or Dark Cloud Cover?

A bearish reversal pattern on Tuesday, January 16th for the S&P 500 suggests some downside through the end of January options expiration week, but the bull should soon return.

Trading the Bitcoin Craze Without Getting Hurt

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have outperformed stocks by a ton, but there are safer ways to invest in the bitcoin craze than in bitcoin itself.

Selling Options Lets You Win Just like the Vegas Casinos

Selling options can be profitable even if you guess wrong on market direction. That definitely beats betting on the roulette wheel in Vegas. Be the house, not the gambler.

Protection for the Next Bear Market

Options strategies can prepare you for the day of reckoning.

How Ordinary Investors Can Benefit from a Rigged Stock Market

If one knows what to look for, ordinary investors can profit from the rampant stock-market manipulation just like the big boys. The secret involves trading options and analyzing "max pain" stock prices using publicly-available option open-interest data.

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