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Linda McDonough

Buy Stocks or Hit the Road? RVs Provide a Clue

The recreational vehicle industry is booming, but it’s a case study of why sitting on the sidelines is sometimes the smartest move.

Bulls, Bears and Idiots- Pharma trades, news on the discount retailers and more…

A tale of two drug companies, an analysis of Jazz and Celgene moving in opposite directions on the same news. A preview of more discount retailer news and why Walmart matters but Macy's doesn't.

The Search for Profit Catalysts

We examine the market-moving factors at play in today’s market.

A Rose By Any Other Name: Will Valeant as “Bausch” Smell Sweet?

News Flash: Valeant, the once high-flying drug company, is changing its name! Just how important is a name-change in the fortunes of a company and what does it signify for the stock?

Options Deliver on Abbvie and Walmart, Carbonite Rockets and more…

Both the Walmart and Abbvie options trades worked out well for subscribers. A bit more on how these trade suggestions should work and what's on the calendar moving forward. Carbonite continues to deliver good news and why Air Transport Services lumbers along.

Let’s Make A Deal

Mergers and acquisitions are at a record pace for 2018. Why are the goliaths looking for more targets and what does it mean for the market?

Harsco Sees Strong Demand, Abbvie Goes Dutch and more…

Harsco's surge in demand began even before the government's policy changes on aluminum and steel and what Abbvie's Dutch tender means for investors.

Even The Mega-Caps Move: Volatility in the Biggest Names

Even giant companies like Amazon can defy the law of large numbers and take investors by surprise. Just how big was Amazon's beat and why big doesn't mean quiet anymore.

Truckers Deliver but Stocks Hit Speed Bumps, PRA Health Gets Clean Bill of Health and more…

Old Dominion Freight and SAIA, both less than truckload shippers, saw earnings rise on higher rates and increased volume of shipments. Investors, nervous about the sustainability of the global economy sold the stocks off a bit, unjustifiably, I believe. PRA redeemed itself with a strong backlog and more.

In This Topsy-Turvy Market, It’s Time to Start Reading the Tea Leaves

What's an investor to do when strong earnings send a stock plummeting and an earnings miss sends another skyrocketing? In a topsy-turvy stock market, it's best to start to read the tea leaves to figure out investor sentiment.

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