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Scott Chan

The Falling Yield Spread: Why it Matters (a Lot!)

Treasury yields are rising, but some yields are rising faster than others. Here's what this trend means for the economy, the stock market, and your portfolio.

The Secret to Wealth: Use Other People’s Money

When used correctly, an investor can significantly boost a portfolio's return by using leverage. Read on to see how using an option can increase a return by nearly ten times.

The Large Just Became Larger

The largest company in the world by market capitalization just became larger. Shares of Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) gained 13% last week, gaining momentum after reporting a very strong quarter. The market value of the company has exceeded $915 billion and AAPL trade at an all-time high. The popular iPhone continues to be a lucrative cash […]

When a CEO Acts Weird

Elon Musk has always been an eccentric visionary, but his behavior during the earnings conference call last week was unexpected, even for him. Will his antics bury Tesla stock?

Locating Value in a Small-Cap Realty Play

We’ll follow it in our newest Portfolio

When Boring Is OK: Our Utilities Offer a Safe Haven

3 of the 4 outperform the S&P 500

A Meaningful Catalyst for a Stock

Chipotle Mexican Grill seems to have implemented a viable plan to turn itself around. Expectations are high. Can the stock’s rebound last?

Avoid This Investing Pitfall

It's not always easy to avoid getting caught up in the hype surrounding a stock, but investors should be careful to distinguish hype from a legitimate change in a company.

Taking Gains in Four Holdings

On Friday morning, we sold four stocks: AAR Corporation (NYSE: AIR), ChannelAdvisor (NYSE: ECOM), AngioDynamics (NASDAQ: ANGO) and Sotheby’s (NYSE: BID). All four stocks have exceeded our suggested buy-up-to price. Amidst the higher market volatility, we decided to take the gains. AAR Corp. has been a consistent performer for us since joining the portfolio in […]

Beware of Too Much of a Good Thing

Writing options can be a low-risk way to generate extra income and boost a portfolio's return. However, investors should be careful not to go overboard and write too many options at once.

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