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Breakthrough Tech Weekly

Breakthrough Tech Profits Joins the Radical Wealth Alliance

Effective today, Breakthrough Tech Profits is joining the Radical Wealth Alliance

Tencent And Then Some

The latest portfolio addition delivered blowout earnings this week. But we could get another chance to buy it cheaper.

Markets in Turmoil (Not Really)

The Nasdaq’s Friday tilt and Monday wilt don’t signal an impending tech implosion.

Sitting on SLAB’s Laurels

Sell the portfolio’s star stock only if you hate money and winning.

Pulse Quickens at Cerus

The developer of blood disinfection kits reported stronger sales and progress with U.S. and European regulators.  

Brother, Can You Spare a Bitcoin?

While it’s little surprise regulators nixed the idea of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, it’s a potentially profitable technology. We examine the disruptive nature of this crypto-currency.


Spring Cleaning the Options Portfolio

It’s time to clean out three option plays to make room for new strategies as the market dynamic changes. I am recommending closing out the HCA June 2017 $80 and the Molina June 2017 $55 straddles along with the Biotelemetry May 2017 $21 protective put. Aside from the individual company-related issues, the problem with these […]

Buy Synergy Call Option on Billion Dollar Potential

The market’s reaction to a fourth-quarter earnings report has likely provided a trading opportunity on a microcap biotech company with a potentially explosive future. Synergy Pharmaceuticals (NSDQ: SGYP), a biotech company specializing in drugs for gastrointestinal conditions, is making the leap from development-stage company to one with a potential blockbuster drug on the market. The […]

A Failed Drug Trial Raises Questions About Argos’s Survival

Shares of Argos Therapeutics (NSDQ: ARGS), a development stage biotech company for personalized cancer treatments, fell sharply Feb. 22 after the company announced it would halt its phase 3 trial of its Rocapuldencel-T drug in combination with Sunitinib for treating metastatic renal cell carcinoma (kidney cancer) in children. Unfortunately, the combination was no better than […]

One Small Wind Raises Much Dust for Himax

There are risks when you’re changing the way people see and interact with their environments.

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