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By Yiannis G. MostrousMcLean, Va–I’m quite excited about the new theme I’m exploring in my upcoming issue of Geopolitics & Investing Quarterly (GIQ). The report will be hitting your computers as soon as it’s ready. The latest tremor in the markets is the purported increase in… Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousMCLEAN, VA–In the early days of The Silk Road Investor, I pointed out that world markets would eventually have to deal with many uncomfortable issues, including the inevitable resolution of the current account deficit; the climax of the red-hot housing action in the US; increasingly… Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousLONDON, UK–It’s pleasantly sunny in London, a perfect backdrop for interesting meetings with old acquaintances in the money management industry. My long-held view that London is–by far–the place to be when one wants to be close to a truly stimulating international investment environment has only… Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousATHENS, GREECE–Silk Road Investor comes to you this week from Greece, somewhat removed from the action but close enough to observe that the market’s mood is still good and that investors don’t seem in any particular hurry to liquidate positions. The Portfolio remains… Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousMCLEAN, VA–Next week President Hu Jintao of China will visit the White House. The economic/trade friction between the US and China makes this one of the most polarized visits of a foreign leader in recent memory. The issues are well known, but the final outcome… Read More

As Silk Road Investor was launched February 15, quarterly comparisons aren't possible. Since inception, however, and until the end of the first quarter, the Portfolio is up 12 percent, while our benchmark... Read More

The thinking here remains the global economy will perform decently this year, although a US recession in 2007 can't be ruled out. Yet, there are some signs that many markets around the world are due for a correction. Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousRecently Marc Faber, of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report fame, observed that investors are bullish about everything: I regard the current investment scene as most unusual, in the sense that everybody is very positive about one or other asset class. Equity fund managers… Read More