New Directions

As we pivot into the next major long term economic cycle, the stock market is searching for a new set of companies to lead it higher and we believe it is companies such as these that will do it. Read More

With all the bad news out there it is sometimes difficult to keep in mind that investor capital never stops chasing opportunity, no matter what the circumstances. Read More

Don't wait until panic over China's currency devaluation has subsided and the stock market recovers another 10 - 20% before taking action, like many amateur investors do. Instead, use this interlude of heightened volatility to acquire companies with excellent long term growth prospects that are getting punished indiscriminately along with the rest of the market.   Read More

It looks like a lot of investors aren’t sure what to do these days, with the stock market gyrating widely as a result of the Fed’s interest rate hike last week. But that’s okay with us, since heightened volatility has a tendency to create buying opportunities in companies that all… Read More

There was a time not that long age – actually, when I started driving as a teenager in the 1970s – that an automobile was about as low tech as something could get. I recall removing the back doors of my Ford Maverick with nothing more than a ratchet tool… Read More

Long time readers of Smart Tech Investor know that at the heart of our thesis for identifying winners and losers in the tech space is our notion of “innogration”, which describes the synergistic combination of innovation and integration that produces superior products. Companies that do it well are handsomely rewarded,… Read More

Like many of you (and 22 million other people, according to CNN), I watched last week’s Republican presidential candidate debate. Even at nearly three hours in length it didn’t leave much enough for any of the eleven participants to delve into substantive dialogue, but I was intrigued by an exchange… Read More

Unlike most summers when just about every investment banker on Wall Street goes on vacation for the month of July, it appears this year most of them stayed home as the Greek debt crisis slowly unfolded. Combined with China’s collapsing stock market (down 30% in less than a month!), the… Read More