Stock Market Investing

Calm waters can be hiding places for big sharks.  This market seems to be in a steady up trend and many investors are looking to relax.  But in our opinion the calm demeanor of the S & P 500 is misleading and complacent investors could be in for a nasty surprise.   And as traders hit the beaches, and the Federal Reserve makes interest rate decisions in the next few days and weeks, the markets are increasingly vulnerable. Read More

Last August, in an article I wrote for Smart Tech Investor (now Breakthrough Tech Profits), I posited, “Is Icahn Selling Apple?” I figured that Icahn needed to raise cash to cover huge losses in his energy portfolio. I also questioned how much longer he and Apple CEO Tim… Read More

A pivotal scene in “The Big Short” has a skeptic scoffing at a quirky money manager who wants to short the housing market. The manager, Dr. Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale), has found portfolios of mortgages rotten with toxic subprime paper.The U.S. economy is sitting on a massive housing… Read More