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Coal Stocks

Coal stocks and coal investments have always been popular investment choices because of coal’s abundance and excellent thermal properties. However, concerns about global warming and coal’s negative effects on the environment have raised many questions about the long-term potential of investing in coal stocks. Today, coal stocks are in a transitional era: on one hand, energy companies are being pressured to find alternative energy sources to what is labeled a dirty energy source, on the other hand, new technologies and discoveries are proving that burning coal remains one of the most practical ways to fuel our increasing energy demands.

To invest profitably in coal stocks, investors need to be aware of the major trends affecting the coal industry. See our coal stocks archive below where you’ll uncover a host of ideas on the most important trends impacting coal investors and the best strategies for profiting from these trends.

Be sure to also check out our free report, Profit from the Shale Gas Revolution, for our authoritative guide on investing in the most prolific trend in energy of the last 50 years.

How Repeal Of The Clean Power Plan Impacts Investors

This week's announcement that the Clean Power Plan will be repealed will merely slow the demise of the coal industry. Natural gas and renewables still have a much brighter future.  

Power Grab for Coal

The dethroned fuel champ is now cheap enough to spur utility demand and further gains for our portfolios.

The Unfond Farewell

Energy production boomed on President Obama’s watch but only the renewables industry will be sorry to see him go.

Revealing Images for Mature Viewers

The government’s energy forecasters translate their research into pictures worth many words.

Energy Surge for Trump

The Republican nominee’s surprise victory powered big gains for our coal and pipeline stocks, with good reason.

Parsing President Trump and a Reader’s Grave Error

If the Republican nominee pulls off an upset he’ll boost fossil fuels, but that isn’t my call. Neither was a cemetery MLP I once profiled.

Coal Wins Reprieve

The beaten down sector produced the best recent gains among MLPs. But there’s a hotter trade out there right now.

And the Winners Are…

Coal miners and pipeline plays dominated the energy sector’s Q3 performance rankings.

Coal’s Terrible, No Good, Worst Year Ever

Big demand declines in the U.S. and China have left much riding on India’s growth and a rebound in natural gas prices.

The Dirty Secret of Clean Coal

Compressing and storing carbon is technically feasible, if you don’t mind losing money.

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