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ETF Investing

ETF investing has taken the world by storm as a simple and inexpensive method of capturing the power of the world’s major asset classes. The evolution of ETF equities has made diversification easy and free of obstacles for all investors. With a single order, investors can jump into the sector of their choice — bonds, commodities, indexes, industry groups, and overseas markets.

However, the success of ETFs has created new challenges for investors. More than 900 ETFs have sprouted into existence over the past several decades, leading many investors to ask “what should I diversify into?”

The ETF investing archive below provides complete coverage of all things ETFs. Uncover which sectors are a must for your portfolio, how to maximize growth and income, where to find the best bargains, and other insights, including our top ETF picks and ETF investing strategies.

Be sure to also check out our latest report on the Top ETFs, which reveals our 5 favorite ETF investing plays.

A Look at the Structures of ETFs

Exchange-traded funds, better known by their acronym ETFs, are investment funds that have become increasingly popular in recent years. This week we take a look at four main ways they are structured and some differences among them.

How to Pick the Best ETFs for Your Portfolio

3 simple tips for spotting the best ETFs from our Investing Daily investment services.

An Agriculture ETF With Long-Term Upside

The unstoppable trend toward higher food demand sets this agriculture ETF up for future gains.

A Rock-Solid Canadian ETF With Growth Ahead

You can hold some of the country’s most successful companies with this Canadian ETF—and it’s just as easy as buying a U.S. stock.

What the Japanese Election Means for Investors

Prime Minister Abe’s party now has full control of parliament, which should keep key economic reforms on track. Here’s an ETF that stands to benefit.

An Industrial-Strength Copper ETF

Copper demand should rise as urbanization accelerates. This copper ETF gives you an easy way to invest in a broad range of stocks tied to the metal.

The ABCs of ETFs

Does your advisor genuinely understand exchange-traded funds? For that matter, do you? Here’s how to protect your portfolio from ETF ignorance.

ETFs vs. ETNs: Know What You’re Buying

In 2012, a record $263 billion flowed into Exchange-Traded Products (ETPs). But a lot of the new offerings, including Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), are for traders only. 

A Cup of JO?

For adrenaline junkies with money to burn—and maybe some of us mainstream investors—this coffee ETN is looking really good right now.

A New Focus: How to Profit From Healthcare Reform

The healthcare industry is set to undergo massive growth, but ETFs aren’t sufficiently focused to exploit this trend. So we’ve shifted our emphasis from selecting the right ETF to finding the best healthcare stocks.

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