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It’s easy to see why investing in ETFs is so popular: They offer a cheap and easy way to diversify your portfolio.

Right now, there is a dizzying array of ETFs to pick from. Some track stock exchanges, while others hold stocks in specific sectors. Some even track commodities—like gold and silver—or a wide range of other assets. Others are downright bizarre: There are even ETFs that track the price of cocoa.

There’s no doubt that there are huge profits to be made from investing in ETFs. But how do you navigate this minefield and zero in on the ones that will give you strong, low-risk gains?

My name is Benjamin Shepherd. Every week, I publish a FREE e-letter that shows you how to do just that: ETF Investment Insider.

You may know me as the previous Chief Investment Strategist of Louis Rukeyser’s Mutual Funds and Louis Rukeyser’s Wall Street, or as the manager of the Fund Portfolio in Investing Daily’s award winning Personal Finance publication. Now, every week, I bring the expertise I learned working with Lou to bear on the ETF market.

In ETF Investment Insider I cut through the noise and boil it all down into simple, common-sense tips you can use to zero in on the ETFs that are set to soar—and avoid the ones that could do serious damage to your investments. Best of all, you can start putting this time-tested advice on investing in ETFs to work right away.

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Ben Shepherd
Benjamin Shepherd
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