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North Korea finally went ahead with its nuclear test, reminding the world there remains a problem that must be addressed (hopefully through clear-headed negotiating strategies). Read More

Shinzo Abe was elected Prime Minister of Japan on September 26...The new administration has begun to reveal its goals, and it’s time to take a closer look at developments in Japan. Read More

New readers, please note that this is a long-only portfolio. I imposed this restriction in order to fairly compare performance against benchmarks, and all major market indexes are also long-only. Read More

With oil dropping briefly under $60 per barrel and natural gas under $5, there's been a good deal of volatility in the energy patch. The recent dip under $60 put crude at the low end of its valuation range, but falling gasoline prices in the US may help stimulate more demand for oil. Also, with the teeth of the winter season still to come, natural gas under $5 reflects short-term supply issues, not the long-term supply/demand imbalance. Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousMCLEAN, Va.–The prevailing view is that the US economy is slowing–taking its cue from the housing sector–and that the probability of a 2007 recession has risen significantly. Some say the likelihood is up to 40 percent. My view is a little more sanguine,… Read More

By Yiannis G. MostrousMCLEAN, Va.–It was raining last night in Bangkok, Thailand, as tanks rolled into the city and made their way to the Government House, putting a temporary end to the political turmoil that’s plagued Thailand since last April’s elections gave Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra a second… Read More