Elliott H. Gue

Analyst Articles

There’s no denying the appeal of master limited partnerships (MLP) to income-seeking investors, particularly in this low-yield environment. Relative to the yields offered by traditional fixed-income investments, the Alerian MLP Index’s 5.56 percent yield appears downright magnanimous. At the same time, the yield offered by the MLP benchmark has tumbled from its 12-month high of 7.39 percent (hit on Aug. 8, 2011) after gaining almost 15 percent. Although investors who were along for the ride will be pleased by these gains, those looking to add money to the group may be disappointed by prevailing yields. Stay disciplined and adhere to our buy targets. Read More

Investors worried about missing out on further price appreciation should remember the experience of the past two years, when the stock market rallied in the early part of the year but swooned during the summer. With a contentious US presidential election on the horizon and developed economies continuing to post anemic growth, the likelihood that the stock market will pull back increases in the back half of the year. Maintain your discipline and adhere to our buy targets. Investors who keep some powder dry and buy high-quality names during pullbacks will outperform the herd. Read More