Elliott H. Gue

Analyst Articles

Chesapeake Energy's (NYSE: CHK) partnership deal with France-based Total Energy (NYSE: TOT) demonstrates that the world’s largest energy firms regard US unconventional gas as a world-class play and want to increase their exposure to this area. Here's how to play it. Read More

There are two primary drivers of global crop demand: increased demand for biofuels and dietary shifts in developing countries. Both demand drivers favor higher prices next year. Read More

MLPs involved in the coal mining business take a relatively low-risk approach that allows them to protect revenues amid a volatile and unpredictable market. Read More

One of our Aggressive Portfolio holdings announced an acquisition this morning, a deal that bodes well for the MLP's unitholders and suggests that conditions area improving for another recommendation that operates in the region.Read more... Read More

Some exploration & production firms are looking to grow their oil production more than 50 percent in 2010 by exploiting unconventional oil plays like the Bakken Shale. At current oil prices most producers believe that wells in the core part of the Bakken Shale offer after-tax returns on investment of 100 percent and remain profitable even at significantly lower prices. Read More