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Martin Hutchinson

Martin Hutchinson is Chief Investment Strategist for Pacific Wealth. He spent 27 years as an investment banker, and was also the U.S. Treasury advisor in Croatia, where he  later worked for Croatia’s largest bank, Privredna Bank Zagreb, setting up their corporate finance division, and doing many mergers and acquisitions, and private equity deals.

Later he worked as business editor at UPI, writing a weekly column “The Bear’s Lair,” that still survives, and spent eight years as correspondent for Reuters BreakingViews. He then took that knowledge of investment banking and markets and ran two investment newsletter services for Money Map Press.

Analyst Articles

Should Income Investors Include China?

by Martin Hutchinson on December 23, 2015

The International Monetary Fund has included the Chinese renminbi in the Special Drawing Right, with a weighting that’s the third largest after the dollar and the euro, but ahead of the yen and sterling. A PriceWaterhouseCoopers projection, which is quite conservative about future growth rates, puts China’s 2050 GDP at $62 trillion compared with the […]

China’s Big Hidden Problems

by Martin Hutchinson on September 24, 2015

But its government is coping better than you think.

Mutual Funds for Pacific Wealth Investors

by Martin Hutchinson on August 19, 2015

Many investors want to get exposure to Pacific Basin economies and markets through mutual funds, believing the difficulties of investing directly in Pacific stocks makes mutual funds a better way to go. So we’ve selected a few indexed and non-indexed funds, taking account of geographical spread, costs and the manager’s track record.There is one major […]

South Korea: A Rich Country With Poor-Country Virtues

by Martin Hutchinson on July 28, 2015

Because earnings have continued to increase, valuations have become reasonable indeed.

Malaysia charges through commodities turmoil

by Martin Hutchinson on July 21, 2015

Its currency competitiveness has led Malaysia to export strength.

Don’t Be Too Quick to Count Out China

by Martin Hutchinson on June 29, 2015

Many say it’s in bubble territory, but not when you consider history and cash flow.

Japanese exporters are where the growth is

by Martin Hutchinson on May 26, 2015

In buying Japanese exporters we are tapping into a truly superior economic sector.

Why We Don’t Have Any Thailand Holdings

by Martin Hutchinson on May 20, 2015

There are good reasons other than morality to prefer investing in democracies.

Emerging markets are not where the real danger is

by Martin Hutchinson on April 8, 2015

They may offer more safety for your money right now than Western countries.

Global Stress Test

by Martin Hutchinson on March 11, 2015

Which industries and countries are particularly vulnerable to a crash.

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