In last week’s Income Without Borders we looked at the odds of Great Britain leaving the European Union, which we handicapped as low. This week we’ll look at the opportunities the situation presents.We know opportunities are coming because we have seen this show before.Greece’s potential exit of the European… Read More

Oil prices have halved in the last six months, and the media are filled with stories of the benefits this is bringing the U.S. economy. Yet when looked at closely, the U.S. economy is only marginally a winner from this move. The real winner, because it produces little of its… Read More

As India inches closer to the election of a new Prime Minister, its stock market is already up 6% this year on expectations that the expected victor will be a friend of big business such as this major drug company. Read More

The end of quantitative easing shouldn’t be viewed as bad news for emerging markets, because “easy money” has already set the stage for global growth in 2013. Read More