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What’s the best way to get my questions answered?

I’m new to Options for Income and have a question that isn’t answered in this Help Center. Where do I go for more help?

If this Help Center and our New Members: Start Here page don’t answer your question, post it in this website’s New Members Stock Talk forum. That forum is your “safe space” for beginner questions and is gently moderated by Investing Daily staff and senior OFI members. Before you post in any other Stock Talk forum or at the bottom of a Trade Alert, make sure you’ve read “Jim Fink’s OFI Stock Talk Forum Rules” first at What’s the best way to use Stock Talk?  


If it’s your broker’s website that’s giving you trouble, and you need help placing the trade on your online trading platform, contact your online broker directly.

I see experienced OFI members chatting with each other and Jim Fink on Stock Talk. How should I get started with them?

Jim Fink’s OFI Stock Talk Forum Rules:

The Stock Talk community is an incredibly valuable asset for you and other members for two reasons:

  1. We attract smart, curious and self-directed investors who ask good questions and generously share productive feedback.
  2. We “extract” those from the community who detract from its value.
    Here’s how it works

The first time you post something that is considered unproductive, my team or I will reply with a reference to the relevant rule you’ve violated. Hopefully, you’ll figure it out and not post such comments again.

The second time you violate the rules, we’ll just delete your comment. Again, hopefully you’ll figure it out.

The third time earns you a one-week ban from Stock Talk. And the fourth time gets you a permanent ban.

Before You Post

Here are the resources that you should absolutely review before posting any questions that have likely already been answered for thousands of members before you:

  • New Members: Start Here – your first steps are very clearly spelled out on this page
  • Help Center – if you have a question, it’s probably been asked many times before and the answer will likely be here
  • Search – use the search box at top-right of this website to find previous Stock Talk answers

New Members

We love you! Just like you, everyone on this site started options trading as a beginner. And we all asked beginner questions. That’s why we’ve created a “safe space” for you in the Forum called New Members. Our forum moderators and other members will be happy to answer your questions there.

But, please don’t gum up the Stock Talk comment sections on the Alert pages with the most basic of questions. If you do, you’ll be subject to the following rules. And, in a few months when you’re fully up to speed, you’ll appreciate the next wave of new members having the same respect for you.

How to Get Banned

Below is a list of the most common reasons that we ban people. Some may seem unreasonable to you. Too bad. My site; my rules. And, my aim is to create a great experience (and wealth) for the larger community.

The bottom line is that if you have at least average intelligence and actually bother to read the introductory materials that you paid for, you will avoid violating almost all of the rules below. 

  • Do NOT be rude, incoherent, or idiotic. And, if you’re going to challenge me, please include pertinent facts, preferably accurate ones.
  • Do NOT ask me when I’m going to roll a trade. I watch every trade like a hawk and tell you when to take action.
  • Do NOT ask if you should initiate a new position in a rolled trade. No! New members should only enter trades labeled as New Trades.
  • Do NOT complain about a losing trade or having to roll multiple times. OFI has an 80%+ win rate, and rolling losing trades plays a big role in that success. Furthermore, don’t trade so many contracts that you don’t have extra money available for rolls.
  • Do NOT be hysterical when the stock market inevitably declines. Market timing doesn’t work. OFI will be net positive at all times because the market is up two thirds of the time.
  • Do NOT criticize my selection of bullish trades based on your belief that technical analysis demonstrates that a stock is in a downtrend. I’m a patient value investor with greater than an 80% win rate. Technical analysis is gambling.
  • Do NOT criticize using seasonality as a trade selection criteria. I’ve been around the block and tried a lot of different investing indicators. Seasonality is integral to my 80%+ win rate.
  • Do NOT tell me that an alternative trade of your choosing would be a better trade than what I actually recommended. There are always an infinite number of trade possibilities. I choose the best ones I see in the moment and will let my 80%+ win rate speak for itself.
  • Do NOT ask for personalized advice on non-OFI trades or mistakes you made on OFI trades by not following the trade instructions. Just close out any mistake orders and start fresh.
  • Do NOT post fill prices that are lower than the recommended limit order price. If you do, you’re not following the OFI system, and you’re just confusing others.
  • Do NOT ask me for detailed historical performance figures. Many members report making 30-40% annual returns with OFI. Go to the Portfolios page and click on Closed trades if you want reassurance.
  • Do NOT demand to see my Excel spreadsheet for calculating my discounted cash flow valuation of a stock. It works really well, and I’m taking it to my grave.
  • I look forward to sharing an engaging, educational, intelligent and profitable relationship with you for many years to come.

Congratulations on being proactive and taking charge of your financial future with an investing system that works!

Yours truly,

Jim Fink

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