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Inflation Protection

In recent years, the Federal Reserve has taken dramatic steps to backstop the US economy and reduce the likelihood of another crash. The likely outcome of their over-the-top efforts will be a wealth-sapping era of inflation that could ruin on your portfolio. If you believe the looming threat of inflation is a matter of when, not if, then you know the time to act is now to protect your life savings.

Check out Investing Daily’s Inflation Protection archive below for the latest news and analysis to protect – and even grow – your portfolio in the coming months and years. To ensure you never miss an update, you may also subscribe to our Survival of the Fittest e-letter.

Inflation is Knocking

With both Treasury bond yields and gold prices rising, it’s time to keep inflation on your radar.

Wars and Bubbles: On the Economic Razor’s Edge

The threat of deflation trumps the threat of inflation now.

Can’t Afford Beef? Buy a TV!

If you dig into the components of the CPI you’ll likely be left wondering what most of the components actually have to do with daily life

The Federal Reserve: Asleep at the Switch

What’s most disturbing about Yellen's comments is that her central bank colleagues in other countries deeply disagree with this position.

The Fed’s Dreaded Dilemma: A Weak Economy Plus Inflation

Some are saying that we’re likely to see rate increases by mid-2015. That could bring the great bond run to a grinding halt as yields rise and bond prices fall.

Fed Stimulus Only Prolongs the Life of Zombie Companies

Even with recent positive comments by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen, investors and Wall Street money managers have a growing fear that not all is as rosy as it appears. Yellen said that accommodative monetary policy, rising property and equity prices, and the improving global economy should lead to above average growth.  Your correspondent has […]

No Containment in Health Costs

Heath care expenses rose by 5.6 percent annual rate in the fourth quarter of 2013 and an eye-popping 9.1 percent annual rate in the first quarter of this year, even as the overall economy actually contracted by 1 percent.

Scrutiny on the Bounty: Will Shipping Rates Soar?

Shipping is an intriguing prospect, especially at a time when investing profitably in the stock markets will become tougher as the Fed stimulus ends.

Wages Aren’t Nudging, Much Less Pushing

While wage growth does typically correlate with inflation, it usually isn’t a causative factor.

Watching For The Capex Inflation Trigger

Some asset managers have started betting that companies are about to ramp up capital spending, a path that leads ultimately to inflation.

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