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Investing in Bonds

Investing in bonds is an essential component of any well diversified portfolio. Bonds are less volatile than stocks and generally outperform stocks in times of recession. Because of these features, investors frequently turn to bonds to collect worry-free income streams and reduce the unpredictability of their portfolio gains. But, investing in bonds is not always black and white. Bonds come in many different types—municipal, corporate, federal, and mortgage-backed just to name a few—and offer differing yields, safety levels and tax advantages.

Discover the biggest trends affecting the bond universe and the latest strategies for investing in bonds in the archive below. To uncover more exceptional tips and strategies that will help you secure your portfolio gains check out our free advanced asset allocation and stock diversification report.

Don’t Cry for Argentina

Say a prayer instead for the people whose money was lent to it for 100 years.

The Bond King Hears Growling

And that means the 30-year bull market in bonds could be over.

The Year for Bonds

This will be another roller coaster year for bonds, but one that could provide plenty of opportunities to lock in at much higher-than-expected rates. In fact, as the income analyst at Personal Finance, I’m getting jazzed about what might make great best bond investments in 2017, which I will share in upcoming issues.I believe that bond […]

Yield Chasers Rush In

The sudden selloff in preferreds has created some intriguing opportunities.

An Antidote for Rising Rates: EM Bonds

While conventional wisdom says to stay away from emerging market bonds when rates are rising, past experience doesn’t bear that out.

Don’t Wait to Lock in Bond Yields

 As yields on government and corporate bonds start to rise, I’m reminded of the Silicon Valley venture capitalist saying, known as Kleiner’s Law of Appetizers: “The time to eat the hors d’oeuvres is when they’re being passed round.” In other words, seize cash as soon as it’s offered.That’s valuable advice today for income investors. Don’t […]

Don’t Get Burned By Bonds

Rising yields are tempting, but uncertainty makes them risky.

Protect Yourself Against Higher Rates

While Donald Trump’s election as the next President has been good for stock prices, for bond prices, not so much.While it’s impossible to know exactly what policies President-elect Trump will put into place, what he’s talked about could spur higher inflation and interest rates, and higher rates mean lower bond prices.Other factors also point to […]

Don’t Panic: How to Avoid a Bond Crash

Investors should trim bond portfolios, lock in some gains, and generally brace for more bond declines. Bond selling is on the rise, and many are calling  for the end of the 35-year bull market in bonds this year.  Behind the bond selling: An expected Fed rate increase in December, rising inflation worries, end of central […]

Emerging Markets to the Rescue

Can you both fish and cut bait? Apparently so, because in the week following the Brexit vote investors ran to both riskier assets such as stocks, and to safer assets such as gold and bonds. So clearly the markets are too fickle at this point to make any rash decisions.In searching for some hopeful signs amidst the […]

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