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Fellow Investor,

Have you heard about the investment that gives you high, safe income, big gains and huge tax savings, to boot?

It’s been around for years, and there’s nothing exotic about it; many companies have used its tremendous advantages to expand into natural resources, alternative fuels and a whole host of other fields.

And given its potential to save you THOUSANDS in taxes, it’s easy to see why the government isn’t saying much about it. But it’s perfectly legal. In fact, the Obama administration has been quietly expanding it in recent months.

Now you can profit from it, too. And you can start today—with the simple click of a mouse.

I’m talking about master limited partnerships (MLPs).

Uncover Big Profits in MLPs—FREE—With MLP Investing Insider

MLPs trade on major exchanges, just like stocks. You can buy and sell them through any broker. But they have an important—I’d say crucial—benefit. They typically pay little, or no, corporate taxes. And they pass all the savings on to you.

And that’s not even the best part… 80% to 90% of the distribution you get from them is tax-deferred until you sell. So, if you hold your MLPs for the long term (and you should), you could put off these taxes until well into the future. Maybe forever.

Our research team has been investing in MLPs for years. Since 1990, our picks have racked up safe, steady gains of 13.3% annually. We believe they’re just the type of investment that every American should hold right now. Many yield FOUR or FIVE times the paltry returns you’ll earn on 10-year Treasury bonds. And that’s without even considering the tax benefits.

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Profitably yours,

Roger Conrad
Philip Ash,
Publisher, MLP Investing Insider

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