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Monthly Digest

January 2018

In response to your requests for specific options recommendations, we have added Dr. Stephen Leeb to the Systematic Wealth portfolio management team.

December 2017

Last month was very profitable for our portfolio. On average, the eight positions we held during December gained 3.87% compared to a 0.70% rise in the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY).

November 2017

One week does not prove anything, but if it keeps up through December then a lot of investors may revert to emphasizing profits over sales when valuing stocks in 2018.

October 2017 in Review

Big gains in FOXF and AON highlight an active month. I’m happy about that, but I am also concerned that if Congress cannot pass a tax bill then we will probably see greater volatility in stocks that stand to benefit from the proposed tax cut.

September 2017 in Review

Stormy weather got September off to a rough start, but once the sun came out it was clear sailing.

August 2017 in Review

In the long run, none of the things that happened last month may have a material impact on the stock market, which ended the month of August flat; but in the near term, all of them can incite emotional reactions that most definitely affect the financial markets.

July 2017 in Review

What had started out as a fairly lackluster week quickly morphed into the best single-day performance in the thirteen-year history of our Rapid Profits Matrix.

June 2017 in Review

If you’re feeling a little dizzy at the moment, that’s probably because I issued 16 alerts during the month of June.

May 2017 in Review

June will be a very active month for our portfolio, with the holding periods (plus extensions) for five of our positions expiring over the next thirty days.

April 2017 in Review

Looking at a chart of the S&P 500 Index for the month of April reminds me of those hideous V-neck sweater vests I used to wear during my early days as a stockbroker.

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