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Fellow Investor,

Just a few years ago, investing in the Asia-Pacific region didn’t seem very attractive. After all, the location—far from the massive U.S. market—was a big drawback.

But fast-forward a few years, and the tables have turned. With China—now the world’s second-biggest economy—and other Asian markets booming, investors in this region now find themselves in a “sweet spot” of sorts.

First, the Pacific Basin region has by far the best concentration of well-run economies with fast growth rates, which make the very best long-term investment destinations.

Second, the region’s companies are mostly fairly obscure and tricky to research, both in terms of their country’s governance and the reliability of their own data. So we are happy to use my decades of experience in the region and worldwide to bring you investment opportunities not available from any other advisories.

In my 27-year investment banking career, I was always fascinated by the Pacific Rim. On the Western side of it, the world’s fastest growth came from Japan and South East Asia, with China later joining the parade. And from personal experience I found that the West Coast South American countries of Chile, Colombia and Peru were much better governed and likely to succeed than the better known Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina.

I’m Martin Hutchinson, Investing Daily’s expert on the Asia-Pacific region, and I’m delighted to bring you two investment portfolios focused on this region, which remains the world’s most promising and best governed. I’d like to show you how you can tap into this amazing opportunity the safe and easy way. Even better, you can learn these powerful strategies FREE in my Pacific Digest e-letter. 

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Make no mistake, the boom is just beginning, and the area’s brightest days still lie ahead. That makes now the perfect time for you to get in on the action.

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Martin Hutchinson
Martin Hutchinson,
Chief Investment Strategist, Pacific Digest

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