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PF Updates

Xerox Rejects Fuji Merger Offer

I don’t know how it’s going to turn out, but my bet is by the time it’s all over Xerox shareholders will be better off for it.

Another Great Quarter for Apple

The second quarter was a best-case scenario for Apple’s shareholders.

Buy Western Digital, Marathon Petroleum on the Dip

Two of our growth portfolio holdings reported events during the past week that - while appearing to be good news - sent both of their share prices into a tailspin for reasons that may not materialize.

Honeywell Hitting on All Cylinders

I believe it won’t be long before Honeywell's investments in future revenue growth begin to push its share price multiples higher.

What’s Up With Walgreens?

Sooner or later, the discrepancy between Walgreens’ superior fundamentals and its lagging share price must be reconciled.

Retiring Ameriprise

I still like Ameriprise from a long-term perspective, but I am afraid the next year or two could be particularly challenging.

Facebook’s $100 Billion Apology

Unlike the risk of inflation, which can be addressed by adding commodities to a portfolio, there is no pure hedge for headline risk.

Western Digital Heads North

As far as I am concerned, the decision to own Western Digital is entirely independent of its chances of one day being acquired.

Digital Realty Raises Dividend

Shareholders of record on March 15 will receive a dividend payment of $1.01 per share on March 30, an increase of 8.6% over the previous dividend.

Best Buy Comes Out on Top, Again

By now it should be obvious that Best Buy has successfully fended off and will be one of the retail sector’s long-term survivors.

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