Global Income Edge Aggressive Portfolio holding, wealth management and investment bank UBS (NYSE: UBS), was recently upgraded by credit rater S&P Global Ratings on its successful  strategy to reduce its debt that has increased its credit rating. UBS was raised from a BBB+ to A-, the seventh-highest investment grade, according to a… Read More

Longtime Conservative Portfolio holding Vodafone (NSDQ: VOD), stock price popped more than 4% since late May.  The European global telecom company increased its earnings forecasts for the next three years while beating analysts’ earnings expectation for its fourth quarter.  Vodafone’s earnings per share for its fourth quarter of 2016 were 75… Read More

 #1 REIT Portfolio Best Buy HCP (NYSE: HCP) bounced back to meet analysts’ expectations in the first quarter after struggling late in 2015. The performance of HCP is indicative of the outperformance by healthcare REITs this year.The year-to-date total return for health care REITs is 7.56% with a 5.46% dividend… Read More

Norway awarded its first new oil and gas leases in decades earlier this week, opening up ten new Arctic sites for exploration work to a handful of local and global drillers. These kinds of deals usually go unnoticed unless you happen to have a stake in the drillers awarded new… Read More

Healthcare stocks displayed new vigor in the last quarter as earnings for the sector improved. In fact, according to J.P. Morgan, the earnings growth rate for the healthcare sector stands at about 5% year-over-year, compared with a roughly 6% decline for overall corporate earnings.We’ve been heartened by the renewed earnings… Read More

Some market experts are putting forth an off-the-wall policy known as “helicopter money” to generate economic growth. But it could compromise the integrity of the Federal Reserve and other central banks, and possibly spark runaway inflation. And with runaway inflation interest rates would go sky high and future growth would… Read More