The Dow Jones Industrials recently erased its losses for the year, but we advise our Global Income Edge investors to remain invested in the most conservative global income investments, as the recent market rise could again prove fleeting.  That rise is being attributed in part to the Federal Reserve announcement… Read More

While we don’t have China-related stocks in our portfolio now, I’ve followed China closely for years now. With the world’s second-largest economy since 2009, China has quickly become the bellwether for growth not only in the emerging markets, but the rest of the world.Even if you don’t actually own any… Read More

Given the recent market turmoil, we’ve made  a number of changes to our Global Income Edge holdings with a Best Buy designation.In the Conservative Portfolio:   Merck & Co (NYSE: MRK) has been named the new #1 Best Buy.  Unilever (NYSE: UL) has been named our new #3 Best BuyHCP (NYSE: HCP)… Read More