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New Members: Start Here

Dear Radical Wealth Alliance Member,

You’ve secured your membership to the Radical Wealth Alliance, home of my “David versus Goliath” trading system that puts YOU in the driver’s seat. Simply put, it’s the easiest, quickest way to make 10 times your money — enough to turn every $10,000 into $100,000!

Below, you’ll find my recommendations for the first steps you should take to get started. All told, completing these steps won’t take very long, but they are the most important things you can do.

Step 1. Log into the Radical Wealth Alliance website and start exploring.

You should have received an email with information about how to log in to the Radical Wealth Alliance member website (if not, click here ).

Once you are logged in, take a few minutes to explore. Among the benefits you’ll find there:

  1. Our Stock Talk Forum , where you can interact with other Radical Wealth Alliance subscribers and our team of analysts. You can also use this forum to ask any questions you have about the service.
  2. Radical Wealth Alliance Portfolio , featuring all of our current recommendations
  3. Trade Alerts and Articles , featuring all of our analysts’ updates and commentary on their recommendations.
  4. Special Reports , where you can access all of the reports included with your subscription.

Step 2: Review Our 3-Part New Member Video Series 

To help you get started, I’ve put together a series of 3 videos to walk you through some of the most important information you need to know in order to make the most out of your Radical Wealth Alliance membership.

These videos cover a variety of topics, including:

  • Video 1 : An introduction to the team of analysts at the Radical Wealth Alliance, including their backgrounds and investing specialties
  • Video 2 : A run-down of the four primary traits of “ten-bagger” stocks we use to hunt down our next recommendations
  • Video 3 : What you can expect from us as a new Radical Wealth Alliance member

Step 3: Get started!

Once you’ve reviewed all the materials above, you’re ready to jump in and get started! Because after all, you can’t start generating 10x your money until you get in the game. And the more you take advantage of our picks and recommendations, the more you’ll realize that there is simply no better way to invest.

I Want to Hear About Your Success!

In a very direct way, my (and my team’s) success is measured by your accomplishments. And I want to hear all about your progress! So I hope that you’ll share your stories about the trades you make and the profits you see.

Let me say one more time — thank you for joining Radical Wealth Alliance. I am so excited about the investing journey we are beginning, and I greatly appreciate the confidence you have placed in me. I look forward to helping you achieve your financial dreams!

To Your Success,

Jim Pearce
Chief Investment Strategist, Radical Wealth Alliance